The Brisket is from

Result: Very tender and juicy meat!

Keep it low and slow


ca. 20 Tbs self-made Dalmatian Rub

for Beef/Brisket

5.5 lbs (2,5kg) Brisket - Flat and Point

I do not divide the flat and the point

Startup @ 5:30 o‘clock in the morning

Ready and waiting for the  meat at 6:30 o‘clock

Stalling phase after 5h --> wrapping with foil to overcome this phase

OK - time is over. Enough!

Unfortunately I have not reached the desired core temp.

Wanted 95°C ( 203°F) got 90°C ( 194°F)

What a smoke ring and what a bark !!

Self-made wedges with salad fits perfect to a super tender Brisket